Det Store Bilager – 1634

A royal wedding at the danish court Ruled by King Christian IV from 1596 to 1648, Denmark is the most powerful nation in northern Europe and on the Baltic sea at the beginning of the 17th century. As a great… Read more »

Collegium Musicum

Instrumental music in Hamburg ca.1660 Matthias Weckmann has a central role in the 17th century music history in Europe. He studied with Schütz, was a close friend of Froberger and founded the Collegium Musicum in Hamburg together with Christoph Bernhard,… Read more »

Song of Songs – Light on light

Sacred love in Christian and Sufi tradition Considered as one of the most touching set of texts of the Old Testament, the Song of Songs has been interpreted in many different ways by theologists throughout the centuries. The poems speak… Read more »

Gli ultimi cornetti

The famous Giovanni Legrenzi, appointed Maestro di capella in Saint-Marc in Venice in 1685, complains about the lack of instrumental support in the forces of the Basilica and insists to hire two cornett players. Girolamo Cortini, cornett player, plays together… Read more »

Ich will schweigen

Johann Hermann Schein and the heritage of the Leipziger Stadtpfeiffer When Johann Hermann Schein takes up the position of Kantor in Saint-Thomas in Leipzig in 1616, he has to tackle a delicate problem: on the one hand he has to… Read more »

La liberazione di Venezia

Music as a remedy From the 13th century onwards Venice quickly became a fascinating melting pot, opened towards the occidental world as well as towards the Mediterranean cultures and those of the Orient. This strategic situation will bring La Serenissima… Read more »